Labaula team


(la)baula: a ring-shaped piece that, linked with other similar pieces, forms a chain.

labaula is a cooperative of architects with diverse professional backgrounds who have decided to cooperate and join forces to build a common project with a horizontal work methodology.

The field of work of labaula consists of building projects, rehabilitation, industrial design, urban planning, public spaces, scenography and ephemeral spaces. We approach each project with the same dedication and effort, regardless of its dimensions or characteristics. These are always understood as a space for debate where collaborators from other disciplines are incorporated to enrich their own perspectives.

labaula was born from our enthusiasm and concern to try to promote quality, rigor and responsibility in our work. We hope to be a platform from which to continue working in this direction.

membersEsteve Solà Saura architect | Bernat Hernández Sàbat architect | Marcos Alloza Fernández architect | Mariana Echeverría Pérez-Montero architect | Sergi González Benedi architect.